Welcome to the Western New York Youth Climate Action Summit! Climate change poses an existential threat to the well-being of societies and ecosystems around the world. While this can often seem overwhelming, individuals have the power to effect real change once they acquire the necessary leadership skills and knowledge. Delivering these attributes to a new generation of young leaders is the goal of this summit.

Last June, we brought over 90 students from across 20+ WNY school districts to Buffalo State College to partake in a full day of climate change education and leadership training. The students were given an aspirational message to take with them into their communities and developed a plan to carry out actual significant change. The feed back we received was overwhelmingly positive, and we are looking to build on our past success, and learn from our shortcomings, and create an even BIGGER event this June!

June 2nd 2018 will be the 2nd annual Western New York Youth Climate Action Summit. We will again bring together students, educators and local leaders to study cutting edge climate science, while offering chance to plan effective change in their communities with guided support. All of this will be done in the stunning, new LEEDS certified Science and Math Center of Buffalo State College.


On June 2nd 2018, a group of western New York region SUNY Master Teachers will be hosting a conference for high school students. The conference will focus on climate change, specifically the actions and community advocacy that students can engage in to address it.

The conference will take place at the Buffalo State College campus and run from 8:00am to 9:00pm

Students will be intensively involved in hands-on activities aimed at highlighting ways they can mitigate climate change along with actions that can be taken to motivate others towards involvement.


For a bit of guidance on what to expect, until more details are available, here is the agenda from last year’s summit:  Agenda