Preserving ecosystems for the future

As I read this article in the New York Times earlier this week, I couldn’t help be become upset. My parents visited the Great Barrier Reef a few years back  and had a fantastic time in glass-bottomed boats and snorkeling. While I had seen documentaries and photos of the reef, and heard it was the only living structure visible from outer space, hearing about it first hand from a loved one was a different experience and wetted my appetite to one see the reef. News like this makes me wonder if I will ever see the reef as my parencoral bleachingts saw it only a few years ago. If the reef does manage to recover to some degree will my children? Will my grandchildren? One cannot help but feel more pessimistic with each extension of generational imagination.

News like this is serious, and dire. This summit is attempting to ameliorate damages such as this by raising awareness of climate-based issues and the various ways climate change harms living communities around the earth.

Large Sections of Australia_s Great Reef Are Now Dead, Scientists Find – The New York Times

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