The Feedback is in!

At the end of the WNY Youth Climate Action Summit we conducted an anonymous survey to see what we could improve and to get a pulse of student sentiment. 100% of the students would recommend the summit to another youth. Here is what they have to say in response to the prompt, “Tell us in a sentence how this summit has or has not inspired/empowered you to action in your own school or community.”

“I enjoyed learning about city planing and it has taught me a lot of how to make that greener.”

“The first workshop truly opened my eyes to how real climate change was. Seeing how fast carbon dioxide can affect the temperature made me think of things that let out waste product of carbon dioxide and how much of an impacts it makes on climate change. “

“This has encouraged me to continue climate advocacy because I can see that there are others that care about our world as much as I do.”

“This summit has inspired/empowered me to take action in my community by making it clear that if we don’t take a stand now while we can still help climate change than we can destroy our planet.”

“I am inspired to talk to my school administration about simple actions we can take within our school.”

“This summit inspired me by exposing me to other students/groups efforts and their successes, reminding me why I am passionate to make a change and by making progress seem attainable.”

“The Citizen Lobbying and Advocacy helped me to understand how to have a conversation with a legislature and i really want to share the details with my community so they can know the tactics to talk with the legislatures.”

“The summit is always a way that sparks the fire about climate change in a plethora of people. The action plan is a perfect way to keep that fire lit and makes the students and teachers alike to continue in their path to preserve the world that we live in.”

“This summit has helped me gain some insight into the advocacy needed to put my ideas into action. Now, I have a clear sight as to where I want to go with my composting plan and encouraging others to get involved too.”

“This has educated me a lot about climate change and how we can take action. Basically everything I was taught brought ideas about improving my school community and finding ways to educate other people about climate change and making it interesting.”

“My goal by coming here today was to change the idea that climate change is a political issue. I am a conservative but I feel passionate about climate change. This summit empowered me to communicate to others that this is not a battle between republican and democrats it is a fight for our future. “

“Before this summit I was kind of clueless on what to do about climate change. It was always something I knew about but didn’t know what to do to help. Now I realize the many ways big and small that I can do to impact and have a voice in what happens to our world.”

“I have been inspired to propose new policies to my school district regarding energy use and sustainable materials consumption after attending the ‘Creating a Climate Resolution’ workshop.”

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