Now that we are in our second year of planning, we are hoping to top last years agenda. Last June students experienced the following elements:

  • Introduction to Climate Change and Keynote speaker
  • Three hands-on inquiry activities for students to engage in methods for mitigating Climate Change
  • Carbon-counting lunch activity
  • Tour of Buffalo State’s new science, math and technology facilities
  • Action planning session – students will work with others to create a community plan
  • Social evening activity to cap the night – a ride in the harbor on Miss Buffalo.

While that may seem like plenty, this year we would like to go bigger. We would like to bring in another group of fresh WNY students to experience the items listed above. But for the veteran students who participated last year AND executed the action plans developed at the Summit, we will offer a new experience based upon different strands, and offering the all a chance to showcase their leadership in the climate action arena they have developed over the past year.

When more details are available, they will be published here.