Upcoming Events

We will begin accepting nominations for 6/1/2019 once the New Year is upon us, but until then, there are many great opportunities to learn about the science climate change and it’s multi-faceted effects upon society. Here are some opportunities we encourage you to take advantage of.

Fri-Sat, Oct 5-6 World on Your Plate The 15th annual conference takes on issues surrounding the importance of local food production.
Saturday, Oct 6 Earth Science Day

Penn Dixie

A full day of activities and events – a great event for the whole family to enjoy.


Fri-Sun, Oct 19-21 Project Drawdown Learn

Rhinebeck, NY

A workshop focused on showing the math behind pulling away from fossil fuels.
Sat, Oct 27 Zero Hour

Washington, D.C.

An incredible event on the National Stage.
Wed-Th, Nov 7-8 Adirondack Climate Summit

WILD Center

A long-running event that has set the bar high for youth-centered climate initiatives.