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NOMINATIONS: We will begin accepting nominations in early March. Nominations are done through a Google-form that may be accessed through this site.

Students attend the summit through a nomination process. Teachers and mentors nominate students, and then those nominated students recieve registration materials. We have found this system to be a workable one, where students have a known adult-link to the summit organizers (who nominate many students themselves!). Nominations will begin soon, most likely by early March, with registration to follow in April.

STUDENTS: If you know you want to be a part of this summit, seek out a teacher who is aware of your interest in climate-related issues to nominate you.

NOMINATORS: Are you an adult that works with energetic youth? If so, consider nominating them to join the summit. The most common nominators are teachers, but counselors, club directors, non-profits, and other interested parties have nominated students in the past. If you know a student who could become a leader if equipped with a solid skill set – nominate them by visiting this site again in early March!

MORE INFORMATION: Attached is a brochure with more information from last year’s summit so you can get a feel for what sort of day to expect. 

Brochure – Climate Summit.docx

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